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What are the reasons for SMT chip processing?

Update Time : 2021-09-17 View : 1305

Why SMT is used for SMT chip processing? What are the reasons for SMT chip processing?

First, the development of electronic components, the development of integrated circuits - IC and the diversified use of semiconductor materials;

Second: electronic products pursue miniaturization, and the original perforated plug-ins can no longer meet the requirements;

Third: the revolution in Electronic Science and technology is really necessary to pursue the international trend.

Fourth, SMT chip processing has more complete functions in electronic products. At present, there is no perforated plug-in in the integrated circuit IC, especially the large-scale and high integrated IC has to adopt surface mount technology;

Fifth: SMT patch processing products are mass-produced and automated. In order to improve their competitiveness and meet customer needs, production enterprises vigorously improve product quality and reduce production costs.

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