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What is the difference between plate making and rapid proofing?

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What is the difference between plate making and rapid proofing?

Usually, PCB engineers will draw PCB structure drawing boards according to different specifications and requirements of customers. The main structural layers can be divided into single-sided, double-sided and multilayer circuit boards. Conduct proofing according to the circuit board diagram drawn by the rapid proofing engineer. PCB rapid proofing, in a popular sense, is the sample.

1. Proofing is divided into two ways: regular PCB Factory and professional fast proofing company.

2. The purpose of regular factory proofing is to have batch orders, so of course you want to return the orders; The proofing company itself only makes samples or small batches, and generally can't do large orders.

What is the difference between PCB Factory making and proofing?

3. In terms of quality assurance, it must be that regular factories do better than model companies. Model companies buy and sell with one hammer and charge money when they send out the model. There is no need to do flying needle test. If the quality is not up to standard, you have to pay again; Regular factories generally do flying needle test. They are careful and professional from material to process, so the quality is often successful at one time.

A rapid proofing project involves many things. If a product has a problem in a certain link, it is easy to affect the product development progress; PCB plate making is also the same. Generally, a project is carried out. The designed PCB will go to the rapid proofing factory for proofing and test several boards. If the test passes and everything is OK, then you can find batch manufacturers to directly manufacture in large quantities in the future. The price will be much lower than that of the model factory. The proofing of the model factory is mainly fast.

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